The Artist Gale Madyun with Mayor Eric Garcetti In conversation.

Two paintings were chosen to be on exhibit at Los Angeles City Hall during March to honor The Strength of Women Survivors.

In 2010, the idea of painting on burlap consumed me, often tortured me. I desired emotions and historic concepts to be the strokes and paints on the burlap. Thus, I came to play well inside a renewed artistic spirit.  It was the naked women looking out over the horizon that grounded me. I played and played. Bold, bright orange, purple, blue, red, white and black, acrylic streaks and curves shaped. I call them Beautiful Big Bottomed Women, BBBWs, and they've mostly successfully crossed age, ethnicity, and class. I say mostly, because a few people informed me they had no intention on the acknowledgement of age and body change, thus, my women were pointless and obscene! I continued to laugh and play, as the women of acrylic paints on burlap became a successful signature piece for my art.

Today, the creations are manifested on a commission basis. Please contact me directly for quotes and to assist you in the creation of a vision.

Protection Shields

Pasadena & Oakland, CA