Protection Shields Film

2nd Annual Orisa Urban World Festival


The Prosperity Movement presents "The 2nd Annual Orisa Urban World Festival." This year’s theme is “Protection Shields.” The festival takes place from November 02nd to December 02nd, with events at various Bay Area locations, including UC Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Regina’s Door in Oakland, and Rafiki Coalition of San Francisco. All venues will house a Protection Shields installation & host a "Create Your Own Protection Shield" workshop by “The Artist Known as Gale Madyun." Serving as protection pillars for their communities, each partnering venue serves as a headquarters for the month-long residencies to curate film premieres, events, performances, and workshops.

The concept of this year’s festival, "Protection Shields" is created with the intention of using spirit, art and culture to unite communities in the exploration of protection, healing, and wellness. In this time of great crisis, Protection Shields offer a unique medicine of spiritual opportunity for individuals, families, organizations, and populations, worldwide, to create tangible healing tools grounded in values and time tested traditions to generate deep spiritual awareness.

Protection Shields

Pasadena & Oakland, CA